Software Analysis and Optimization Laboratory

Sapienza University of Rome

Welcome to the SoftwarE AnalysiS and OptimizatioN (aka SEASON) Laboratory at Sapienza University of Rome.


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Former students:
  • Bruno Aleandri (M.Sc.), Valerio Bellizia (M.Sc.), Raffaele Di Fazio (M.Sc.), Luca Di Maio (M.Sc.), Marco Finocchi (M.Sc.), Emanuele Fusco (post-doc), Alessandro Macchioni (M.Sc.), Romolo Marotta (B.Sc.), Fabio Rosato (M.Sc.), Andrea Fioraldi (B.Sc.), Andrea Prosseda (M.Sc.), Federico Palmaro (M.Sc.).



aprof - input-sensitive profiling

aprof is a Valgrind tool for performance profiling designed to help developers discover hidden asymptotic inefficiencies in the code. From one or more runs of a program, aprof measures how the performance of individual routines scales as a function of the input size, yielding clues to its growth rate.
Related papers: [CDF-PLDI12] [CDFM-CGO14] [CDF-TSE14] [C-VAL14]


NearestFit - predicting MapReduce performance

The NearestFit progress indicator targets accuracy of progress predictions for MapReduce jobs in the presence of data skewness and super-linear computations. This is achieved combining performance profiling, machine learning techniques, and data streaming algorithms.
Related papers: [CF-SOCC15]

Research interests

  • Malware Analysis
  • Performance Profiling
  • Adaptive Optimization
  • Big Data Performance Prediction


Our latest publications:
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Amanda: Algorithmics for MAssive and Networked DAta - MIUR, PRIN 2012

AlgoDEEP: Algorithmic Challenges for Data-intensive Processing on Emerging Computing Platforms - MIUR, PRIN 2008

MainStream: Algorithms for Massive Information Structures and Data Streams - MIUR, PRIN 2006

Algo-Next: Algorithms for the Next Generation Internet and Web: Methodologies, Design and Applications - MIUR, PRIN 2004

National and international collaborations

  • Northeastern University, USA
  • Purdue University, USA
  • Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
  • TU Darmstadt, DE
  • University of Mannheim, DE
  • University of Kent, UK
  • University of Padova, IT
  • University of Perugia, IT
  • University of Pisa, IT
  • University of Rome Roma Tre, IT
  • University of Rome Tor Vergata, IT